Email Hosting

Email is one of the most important requirements for a business. Whether you are a single person or a large organisation with thousands of employees you rely on your email. With Email providers such as Google and Hotmail you get some of the benefits of professional mail but not all.

Free Email Accounts

Free email accounts are great, they allow us to send and receive mail and in some cases they even keep our mail history for us online, however there are a few things that a business requires that these services do not provide and it is that functionality that companies end up paying for.

Your Email Servers

If you have your own email servers you will be aware of the cost involved in maintaining them and the headache caused when something goes wrong. You will also be aware that in most cases there are licensing costs involved on a per-user basis as well as upgrading to latest versions.

What Is Hosted Email?

Hosted email is the same as having your own servers and getting all the benefits without the worry about maintenance and overpriced licensing costs. Basically you do away with your email servers and let us handle it for you.

How Does It Work?

Its simple, you sign up and tell us how many users you have we create the accounts and put you on a monthly price plan on a per-user basis.


  • Large amounts of storage space for your email
  • Shared company wide Calendars
  • Shared company wide Address Books
  • Emails with your domain
  • Secure service
  • Pay As You Go – Per user per month
  • Professional support and Management of account
  • Blackberry Integration
  • IPhone/Android Integration

Why Amtech?

Amtech offer managed email services from Google or Microsoft depending on your requirements. Once we help you find the right solution for your business we will then manage all aspects of the email system from adding/removing users, maintaining your account and providing technical support. Call us to find out more.